Exit Interview Outsourcing

An ‘Exit Interview’ is a structured process aims to provide departing employees a comfortable environment whereby they can provide frank and honest feedback on topics such as the department, team, manager and company. They can review their employment history with the organization and smoothly and professionally work through transition details.

Why Exit Interviews?                

It is designed to help management determine the actual reason behind a person’s detachment from the company. It helps company to take honest feedback about them from the employee who is leaving the organization. The Exit Interview also provide positive reinforcement of the company’s intention to remain in contact and to develop the relationship with exiting employees.

Benefits of Exit Interviews:

  • Uncovering possible Organizational Issues.
  • Managing Transition.
  • Managing Knowledge.
  • Increase Confidentiality & Ethical Behaviour’s post separation.
  • Managing Relationships Professionally.
  • Providing honest Feedback and Suggestions on how to improve.
  • It specify the problem why employee is leaving.

Our promise

TMS promises to manage the larger resources portfolio ensuring robust efficiency and effectiveness, & to help organizations address core HR outsourcing needs while synergizing business goals with resource utilization, & to provide critical front & back-office process management, driving service excellence and an integrated HR solutions framework.

Exit interview can help in determine the actual reason of separation from the company.

Who should conduct Exit Interviews?

Outsourcing of Exit Interviews were historically conducted by in-house HR team. However due the increased need of neutrality and confidentiality in this process, organizations are choosing to outsource the process to a professional agency. Today more and more HR Managers are opting to outsource the Exit Interview process to professional companies who have the skills, trained personnel and bandwidth to conduct Exit Interviews and deliver timely inputs qualitatively.

Why Outsource Exit Interview Services?

Exit Interviews helps an Organization to take honest feedback from the employees. By outsourcing employees might feel comfortable sharing everything with the company. It might help the company to improve and find what is the real problems are.

Why Team Management Services?

Team Management Services (TMS) is a leading HR Services Firm headquartered in Mumbai, India. We are a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in designing, developing and managing front end as well as backend HR processes, thereby partnering with our clients in building efficient HR capabilities and bring organizational focus on core HR strategies and business imperatives. We are partners to clients across industry verticals including FMCG, Manufacturing, IT, Telecom, Banking & Finance, Insurance and Hospitality for services right from Acquiring Talent (i.e. RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing) to Employee Exit Management (including F&F, Exit Interviews, Attrition Analysis). We also bring extensive experience in managing HR Shared Services.             

TMS provides Exit Interview Outsourcing as a part of TMS Virtual HRO Services to all its Virtual HRO clients.

To know more about the Virtual HRO http://virtualhro.in/

This service is one of our Forte’s that we provide to our esteemed clients; bringing in best of the global practices; years of experience and objectivity to the Exit process. It contributes huge development to company to improve.

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