Statutory Compliance

In today’s business scenario, no business can run without keeping a track of the Statutory Compliance under numerous Labour Laws such as Factories Act, Shop Act, Provident Fund, ESIC, Professional Tax, MLWF, etc. Therefore, most noteworthy TMS helps to deploy qualified and also dedicated resources for the same. Especially relevant,while considering the overhead cost and also lack of expertise or both.

What Is The Need For Statutory Compliance?

Most noteworthy, it is very challenging for employers to manage statutory compliance without a good payroll management software. Hence, TMS ensures to minimize the risk associated with the non-compliance of statutory requirements.

Therefore, if companies fail to follow the statutory compliance, furthermore it seems like they may have to face heavy penalties. As a result which are several times more than complying with especially relevant legal guidelines.

Services provided by TMS for companies to attain 100% compliance

Most noteworthy TMS offers services of Statutory Compliance to the organisations with 10 to 10,000 employees. In addition, we also ensure most noteworthy timely payments. Furthermore, we can also assist you in getting registered under statutes. As a result, to renew the necessary certifications.

Most of all organisations while obtaining required licenses, approvals and also permissions for their businesses from authorities. Most noteworthy, Liaisoning with these the Authorities become a big challenge due to lack of knowledge or proper guidance.

In addition, We have most noteworthy experts in this field such as:

  1. A. D. Patil: Ex. Deputy Labour Commissioner.
  2. Vijay More: Ex. Director of DISH (Director of Industrial Safety and Health)
  3. Rajendra Gawde: Reputed High Court Advt. and also Legal Advisor to MNC’s.
  4. Manjit Singh: Almost 25 yrs. of Exp. In Industrial Health and also Medicine Services.
  5. Sandeep Bhosale: EX- MPCB Board professional.
  6. Kuntal Manniar: Environment health expert with almost 25 yrs. of Exp.

Most noteworthy, Our SMEs will help you and also in addition your organisation liaison with any especially relevant department. As a result, to guide and also to ensure that all the requirements are in conclusion of the applicable statutes. Especially relevant, to be met in compliant and also in a proactive manner.

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