Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is the process to find skilled human labour according to their needs. Our TMS team ensures to find, to acquire, assess, hire candidate to fill roles and to fill project requirements. Talent acquisition is a unique process of recruiting good talent in order to meet company needs. As global organisations needs to recruit talent globally, we ensure that we hire to meet company goals.

TMS’s Talent Acquisition Services help organization meet their short-term and long-term manpower goals as a result to maintain focus on delivering quality. At TMS we ensure to maintain high standards of our clients have known us for and strive towards improving them.

TMS is a leading Talent Acquisition Service Provider firm in India & is successfully working with some of the Big MNC firms as well as startups in India over the past decade. Backed by strong research, years of experience & domain expertise.

TMS Talent Acquisition Services offers some distinctive features such as:

  1. Dedicated Account Managers & Team for each client.
  2. Use of Advance Technologies such as ERP & ATS to ensure Quality.
  3. Access to large internal Database apart from all Commercial Databases
  4. PAN India Recruitment for all your office Locations

We search for talented manpower and we also create opportunities and strength for startup companies. We ensure to provide services according to the requirements of Multinational Companies.

Team Management Services provides an arrangement of Talent Acquisition Services to build opportunities for startup companies. TMS’s Talent Acquisition services are backed with strong research, years of experience, and dedication towards client servicing. Although, startup is a revolution in India and these companies come up with innovative ideas. They are not so familiar to the current market and the type of employees they should hire for. In order to deal with these problems, TMS comes into picture and it helps startups in selecting right type of people with proper skills according to their requirements.

TMS also undertakes different services namely, Long-Term Contract Staffing service, 3rd Party Payroll Staffing Services. It also provides Pre-Screening & Interview Management Services, Job Posting Services and Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

TMS’s Talent Acquisition team is one of the best in the Industry coming from different backgrounds and experiences. Majorly we work on latest technologies, from ERP’s to ATS. It ensures Team’s output is maintained at very high levels.

We have a success ratio of 90% customer satisfaction achieved by the Talent Acquisition Team. At TMS we are driven to ensure that we maintain high standards of our MNC clients have known us for and attempt towards improving them. We ensure that we provide services according to the requirements of the Multinational Companies.

To know more about Talent Acquisition Services provided by TMS, click here or Call: (022) 2590 3908 or email us at info@tmservices.co.in

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