Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)  can be defined as a business, where the third party transfers all or part of its recruitment process to TMS. As a result, most noteworthy RPO is simply a form of Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO).  Hence, RPO is quickly evolving, from transaction. Furthermore, cost-based saving agenda’s to best-in-class especially relevant talent management models. In addition, it enables organisations to efficiently meet their escalating enterprise-wide needs for high-performance talent while simultaneously and also dramatically improving recruiting efficiency.

Most of all, Recruitment is a complex procedure that requires thought and planning. In addition, company staff needs analysis, recruitment and budget planning, assistance with recruitment process development, conducting recruitment drives, employee induction and talent management program. Furthermore, TMS possess the capability to manage completely or partially the recruitment activities of any small to midsize firms who are gearing up for expansion or diversification for which need to add big volume of talent at single and also multiple locations in short time span. In addition, TMS with its team of expertise professionals, in addition manages the recruitment process and provides end to end talent acquisition.

Most Noteworthy, Recruitment Process Outsourcing provides especially relevant and also excellent benefits in the areas of:

  • Quality Management
  • Cost Management
  • Service Management
  • Time Management

Furthermore, RPO are also especially relevant fast becoming; and also adopted as strategically important sub-sets of BPO. In addition, RPO may therefore just be this decade’s most powerful; yet best kept, “secret weapon” in the war for talent.

Our Vision

Empowering clients to face & solve the most pressing & intricate people challenges faced by them today while ensuring increased productivity and profitability by compliant ways of working.

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Steve Jobs

When RPO service is most beneficial ?

Most of all, if an organisation has planned a launch of new product or a new business;In addition have to add large number of employees on a seemingly impossible timelines at single location or multiple locations. Especially relevant scenarios ramping up and also deploying in-house HR team may not be feasible. In addition, RPO provides a turnkey, cost-effective solution, which then ramps down smoothly when the project is complete.

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