Healthier Workplace
Impact of Creating Healthier Workplace

Workplace with healthy & positive environment always achieves the growth and profit with productive workforce. It also has the strength to overcome any business challenges. With healthy environment in the organization, the employee, stakeholders, consumers are happy and satisfied. The main objective of any organization is to achieve productive & satisfied workforce, but it depends on the environment in which they are working. Believe it or not, workplace Environment plays one of the crucial factors in changing the employee outputs.  One way to achieve this is by promoting a healthy work environment. Improving the well-being of your employees will not only boost employee morale and motivation. It also prevents high turnover rate and decreases absenteeism. You don’t have to do a complete rebuild the system in order to improve your work environment. Just by implementing some teeny tiny changes will do the job, you can start creating a healthy workspace.

The colors you choose to decorate the workspace can have a surprisingly great effect on staff’s mood, creativity and overall wellbeing. Having plants around the office not only improves the ambience of the workspace, but also assists with employee health. Music can also be a great promoter and concentration tool particularly if you work in a busy, open-plan environment. Natural lighting is more preferable by most of the employees and especially for migraine suffers, who may find that harsh fluorescent lighting triggers their migraine attacks. Make sure that lights are positioned properly so they don’t reflect off other objects, because this can cause eye strain and headaches.

Employees spend a significant time in the office. It is only natural that there might be days where situations in their personal lives are going to cross with their work. Showing support and compassion can help your employees deal with their emotions. Ultimately, building a foundation of trust, encouragement, and honesty with zero communication gap, less of hierarchy system will surely lead to creating a healthy work environment.

HR Solutions
Transform your Business in an Effective Way

There is no denial in the fact that HR has vastly grown in recent years. Previously, HR functions were only limited to managing the corporate events for employees and doing payroll. With increase in regulations on daily basis and companies trying to make the employee experience as smooth as possible, the list of HR activities has increased too. The functions of HR do not limit to few and it consists right from Employee Onboarding till the separation of the employees from the organization. With endless HR activities, it becomes difficult to handle all the HR functions as well the other core operations. For simpler yet professional HR activities to function, organizations tend to outsource the HR functions with the Best HR firm.
As you expect your team which you are expanding must be smart & efficient, similarly the team which you have got to manage your human resources must be smart and efficient too. By Outsourcing HR, you get professional services from the expertise in HR Domain for Recruitment till Exit Management. Whether it is to hire and onboard the best fit for your company or whether it is to process the payroll with being legally compliant or even whether to handle the exit of the employees. All is covered when you partner with the Best HR Outsourcing firm. This helps the organization to shift their focus from HR to other core operations and make their way to business growth. Below are the benefits mentioned to outsource the HR and how the businesses can transform in an effective way:
Save Cost & Time
HR is an ongoing process and also time tedious at the same time. Similarly, it can’t be ignored as the HR functions takes place in each stage in employee lifecycle process. By outsource the HR, you get professional HR Services with best competitive costs.
Updates on Regulation
Regulations keeps changing on daily basis and to keep up with all the updates is not all time possible. With Outsourcing HR, your HR operations and processes are on time and it is legally compliant too.
Avoid Software
There are lots of Software in the Market and for customizing the Software, again there are tons of options. But is it worth it, the answer is no. Firstly the company has to invest the amount on the software plus the cost to train your employees to run the software. Instead with an HR Team which is outsourced is way better and very cost efficient.
Organizations have come to a realization that Outsourcing the HR will not only handle their HR professionally but also give them the path to greater success and transform their business in an efficient way.

Employee Management
How to Manage an Unmotivated Employee

In the event that an employee is unmotivated, aside from the effect on their productivity, they are probably going to transfer their emotions on to others working in and around, accordingly affecting the general atmosphere inside a group or a department at work. For any business, its brand image and notoriety is of central significance and a contributing factor to growth. In the event that you don’t address these inspirational issues, it could wind up causing genuine harm and hurt the image of your company and put your brand at stake.

As a HR professional, an aspect of your responsibilities is getting individuals through difficulties. In the event that you are not requested any assistance you should recognize the indications of an unmotivated employee. Regardless of whether changes happen over the long run or are unexpected, here are a few attributes of unmotivated employees like Lack of energy, ignoring the problems & challenges, Poor execution. A de-motivated individual is probably going to demand more leave or take additional downtime during working hours by giving reasons of seeing a specialist, or the desperation to meet somebody, or to get a family member or youngster from school and so forth consistently. Since these unscheduled leave demands are not piece of the gathered yearly leave, it will cost your association time and cash.

The sooner this negative mindset is evaluated, the sooner you can stem any potential negative effect the individual’s performance will have on the rest of their team and on the organization as a whole. The most basic advance in effectively managing unmotivated employees is conversing with the employee on regular basis. For this to be successful, you need to find some kind of harmony where you can address all worries without any effects on relationship and productivity. You need to recognize triggers that can cause the employee to feel unmotivated and detached from work. The two players at that point need to concede to a solution and outline the steps needed to accomplish changes. Following are some of the tips to manage your not so motivated employees:

Always ask for the feedback and their opinions

Be open for two-way communication

Show Genuine Interest in the Employee Well-being and Career Development

Set Clear Visions & Goals

Reward your Employees whenever necessary

Promote Flexible Work Arrangements if required

Communicate Clearly of What is exactly going on in the Company

You can just mentor and guide employees to motivate themselves. It is up to the individual to deal with their own mentality at work however there are things you can do to help the circumstance. The HR department needs to look in establishing the framework to assemble motivated and connected workforce. The most remarkable change you can make exists in the culture. The correct culture will make people need to come to work every day motivated and prepared to work. This will support productivity and at last lift the primary concern.


Ways for an effective HR Management in Small Business

In a small company where everyone wears multiple hats, it is very likely to cut back on HR responsibilities to focus on other things especially in India. For a small business, people are your best resource. That means you can’t afford to skip on your human resources efforts, if HR is doing its job then employee performance, commitment, and loyalty will increase which in turn should help your business achieve its objectives and accomplish its mission. There are statistics that support the importance of good HR for small businesses. HR simply means a strategic approach to the effective management of people in a company. It’s primarily concerned with the management of people within organizations, focusing on policies and systems, overseeing employee-benefits design, employee recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, and reward management, such as managing pay and benefit systems. A few ways for an effective HR Management in Small Business are

Recruit the right people: Hiring the right people will ease your job rather than investing your time in training them this may look expensive in the beginning but with experienced & qualified people will grow your business at a faster pace. You are also confident of quality of work as you have experts in your company. Small company have budget restraints but this is a must investment 

Establish a strong company culture:  Good employees love to work in a positive culture and result in more productive work than otherwise. Even when new employees join your organisation they are well averse with the company culture and everyone must have similar work guidance and working towards the same goal. This gives them pride for which they work for and are less likely to leave the organisation.

On boarding Process: When the on boarding process takes place when a new employee joins they have a clear idea about their role as well as the company culture. It helps them to adjust quickly as they feel included. All the documentation should be done in a proper way.

Ask for employee feedback:  This is the most important thing to do no matter how many years they have been working, when asked about the feedback it make them feel heard and also make changes if required. As owner you may not understand the minor problems but getting feedback will ease your work and the employees also.

When you don’t have time and afford your employees to divert their time from core functions you can always outsource HR to companies like TMS who have a complete and professional way to handle your HR at affordable rates starting from recruitment till Exit Management. HRTailor gives a complete end to end HR solution starting from Onboarding to Exit Management. This helps you to take care of your Core Business & grow even bigger.

Project Based Stafing
Benefits of Project Based Staffing

In day to day changing business world permanent employee has become a burden which once was asset to the company. Due to unpredictable business the salaries become a difficult challenge for a lot of company. They have to pay with or without work.  A simple solution which has come in Modern business is to hire on project base. It helps the company monetary as they only have to pay for the project they do and they are already skilled so it saves the training time There are expert companies like Team Management Services (TMS) who provide project based staffing which helps your company to get your work done effectively and efficiently. Not only that but it also brings lot of perks with them. A few are mentioned below.

Save cost: Project based staffing saves a lot of cost of the company. When it comes to a full time employee it is a huge financial commitment, right from salary to equipment cost. On the other hand project based staff may come without additional costs. When you hire a consultant to this you may end up paying the similar cost but you will save up on other factors such as employee benefits, office/stationery space and utilization, provident fund contributions. Along with saving you may also have to pay only for the talent for the specific work that they do, hence you are not left with employees whose profiles are not fully productive.

Save time: Project based staffs are most of the times already specialized in their fields, thus reducing the need to hire and train people just to see them leaving. This saves lot of your time you would otherwise need to spend interviewing people and getting the administrative documents ready for new recruits. This is especially beneficial in cases of emergency when you need to fill up a position, urgently. In addition, with a contract employee, you are hiring for the specific talent, and hence do not need to worry whether they will fit into your work culture in the long run. Once the work is completed, you are free from any obligations.

Get special skills: When you take new direction in business and need very specific set of skills for a short while, hiring a project-based consultant would be the best way to go about it. A consultant would bring specialised skills from across industries and domains, having worked in areas that you want to now venture in, hence already bringing with them ready skills you are looking for, without having to hire and train them. These specialized workers know what their jobs entail and, hence, can jump right into the role. By hiring contractual talent you can also get a vast pool of highly talented individuals, who may otherwise not be willing to take on a permanent position.

Businesses Can Be Flexible with Project-Based Staffing: One of the unique benefits of project-based staffing is how it affords employers the chance to be extremely flexible in their hiring practices. If you need more employees for just a year to finish a project, you can hire someone for one year on contract. The options are variable and nearly endless and always suited to your specific business needs.

Recruitment Services in India
Skills Every Manager should have

The business world is changing fast, probably faster than ever. Clients are more demanding; markets are adapting and changing all the time. As a manager you need to be agile, resilient and really on the ball. You can’t just sit and wait any more for things to get better. You need to make sure that you have all the right skills to be a great manager and manage your future.

A few skills every manager should have

  1. Communication Skills: The most important skill is communication as manager has to communicate from top level employee to junior & mid-level employees, one miscommunication can create a havoc in company. Having strong communication skills enable a leader to effectively delegate his authority and responsibility to others. listening is also an important factor in communication.
  • Negotiation Skills: Manager has to deal with lot of people be it with colleagues, business partners, suppliers and clients. There are various levels he has to negotiate depending on the other person. This is a skill one cannot afford to not be good at. Manager has to make and take decisions if he is not firm and good at negotiation it will be bad for the company in long and short run.
  • Delegation of work: Manager has to be good at delegating work- to get the work done in most effective and fast way possible. If he tries to do all the work alone the company will never grow big after a certain point. So to manage larger things manager has to delegate the work in such a way that the best in employee is at use this way he can use company resources (manpower) to fullest.
  • Motivating Others: when the work is delegated sometimes employees need motivation to do the work in best possible way. Manager has to motivate directly as well indirectly. Praising for the good work is the basic form of motivation. There various form in which manager can motivate employees giving short term goal, which will give them a sense of accomplishment etc etc.. this skill helps the manager to get the best in employee and get more work done in  effective and time efficient manner.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Being a manager means solving problems. So be proactive. If you see a way to improve upon an existing process or you recognize a potential problem before it becomes a real issue, take steps to fix the situation. One has to also deal with unions, employees and management that time this skill and innovative thinking really come to help. Situations in this if the manger is not good at communication and problem solving the company can go to extreme problems.

Success in business happens because of successful employees. That being said, strong managers are one of the most critical components of Employee Success. It is very important to have good managers in your company to grow faster. It is very difficult to get the best employee from a limited resource. There are expert companies like Team Management Services who can find best of Talent as they have a big pool of talent in their network they are expert at Talent Acquisition.