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Innovation Fosters Growth

Innovation refers to the act of thinking and implementing of new ideas which will generate value. Innovation in any field is done to add value to things that already exists and in businesses it drives economic growth by producing more output by putting less input thus increasing the productivity. In HR world innovation is of utmost important as it helps in improving the working style, boosting up the efficiency of the employees and maintains a positive work environment for them.

The factor of change is one of the most certain factors in an organizational life. The change should be such that it provides the organization with a new way of working. In HRM, innovation is needed so that the problem can be tackled. For this, human resources should come up with new and creative ideas that will help them in solving the problems easily.

Best HR Consultancy try to bring innovation in each and every service that we provide to the clients. Keeping the track on all the new compliances and acts that can help the clients and implement the same. We also try to lessen the burden of the employees by bringing new processes and software which will help in completion of their work without wasting their time and efforts. This leads to the upliftment of their morale which helps us in keeping a healthy corporate environment to work. This not only helps in boosting the morale of the employees but also helps us in maintaining a good relationship with the clients.

To stand out in the industry, every organisation should lay emphasis on their own unique ways which will help them in building the goodwill of their company. Hence, innovation fosters growth.

Blue Collar Jobs
Blue Collar Jobs and Gig Economy

Among the growing jobs about 14 lakh are expected to be in the gig economy sector. Gig based job have become more attractive traditional blue color jobs. The logistics sector is likely to see an addition of 4 lakhs jobs and the transport sector is expected to rise and create 6 lakh jobs due to increasing demand for drivers and other blue-collar areas.

Blue collar workers are the key driving force for future development of the organization. In many industries such as construction, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation & warehousing, the blue-collar segment is absolutely key. Organizations need to utilize the skills of blue-collar workers in order to achieve better integration and collaboration to reach common goals. These workers are an important aspect of corporate culture, and management will face shortcomings if they do not recognize this. There is a GiGantic opportunity for companies to use this growing need of jobs to their advantage. However, companies can take advantage of this only if they have deep understanding of HR and hiring process. Companies require to invest heavily in HR processes to take advantage of this growing market and the opportunities that come with it. Investing not only comes with a monetary cost but also with an increased burden of management and a huge competition to stay ahead in the game. It is not always possible to emphasize on hiring and recruitment activities while also focusing on core activities of business that essential to bringing profit and revenue to the organization. HR consultancies and staffing agencies can prove to be vital and helpful in such conditions.HR outsourcing can help to ensure a smooth flow of workers and talent to the organization and help the organization to shift focus to more essential and core activities of the business.HR consultancies can be a partner with the organization and handle the hassle of organization and management of paperwork and all the HR operations which will reduce the burden on the management and take of the evolving economy.

Recruitment Services
Right Talent for your Organization

The key to run a successful business is to have right talent. Everyone has realized the importance of talent and how it has become a critical factor for the business growth. Having the right talent in the organization can make the company and an absence of it can break the company as well. Winning in today’s competitive business world is largely dependent on having the right people to implement the organization’s business strategy. Companies that implement effective talent acquisition strategies usually end up winning, while bad hires can cut deeply into company profits.

People are a company’s greatest asset. The workforce will always be a deciding factor whether the organization will succeed or fail. Hence, recruiting appropriate right talent for the organization is a must. It is the need of the day to stand out in a sea of competitors who are offering similar job opportunities.  But it is difficult to attract and engage right candidates when competitor’s job description sounds just like yours. To focus on the organization’s major role as well as recruiting talent might be a complex process and hence a need arises to seek help from those who have an expertise in finding the right talent.

You can partner with the best recruitment agency in finding out the right person for the right job and can help you in boosting your organization’s efficiency. With proper understanding for HR requirements of the organization, we can provide the right talent for the betterment of your organization. Also, this will eradicate much of the forfeits associated with errors in HR as these processes will be dealt by an experienced organization. Having too much on the plate can create issues in the working of the company. Having an outside perspective and a third party to confide in can help management make the best decisions possible. We can coach and work with management to handle a variety of HR functions and help improve overall daily HR operations.

Startup Company
The Startup Struggle

India has been through a dynamic start-up revolution. Many young Indian talents are full of energy and innovative ideas. They are fresh talents out and about into business world trying to explore new opportunities. India has experienced a great increase in a number of startups recently. Nowadays, people don’t like to be bounded by the rules and regulations of an organization but to be their own boss. Many of the startup owner’s work 9 A.M to 5 P.M job for certain period of time to gain knowledge, experience and at times, capital too. This nevertheless comes in handy when they start out on their own to pursue their dreams.

In spite of all this, there are numerous obstacles which come in between the entrepreneur and his startup venture. Right from explaining parents for being self-employed and not continuing with the “real job” to hiring qualified and talented people. In the early stages of a startup, it is difficult for the owner to find the right people for the work. To find the ‘right person’ for the right job can sometimes be a difficult task. When the recruitment process is outsourced, it helps the owner to find the perfect candidate for the work. The recruitment process is passed on to an expert on whom the owner can completely rely on. Also, the startup owners are unaware of the rules and regulations which are to be followed. They need constant advice of an expertise. For success of any organization it is important to work within specified guidelines provided.

The laws differ from business to business and sometimes they can be tedious. An advice from an expertise on such matter of importance can be of a great help to the startup owner as well as the organization. Outsourcing allows the owner to focus his energy, time on his ideas rather than thinking on the issues which he doesn’t have any experience. Outsourcing services is considered to be of great boon to the startups. Outsourcing definitely helps a start up to reach the heights of success by minimizing the obstacles of the firm.

5 Tips to Increase your Salary
5 Tips to Increase your Salary

Salary is what an employer pays an employee on a periodic basis. It is Important for any individual in life to earn a decent living. It is every individual’s dream to earn a decently good salary which can provide for his own needs as well as that of his family.

For increasing one’s Salary there are few tips mentioned below:

1. Be Confident enough to negotiate Salary raises: In any Industry generally men have more confidence to ask salary raise for their worth and women are the ones who accept any offer given to them because of their non-aggressive nature. An individual should be confident in his/her work and complete it on time. One should not be shy for asking for a raise for their worth. One should be comfortable to place their thoughts to get a salary raise for their efforts and their hard work.

2. Compare your Salary: Known what you do and how much your work is worth in the industry that you are working in. Compare your salary with other candidates working in the same position and compare what other companies pay for the position that you are working in. This research will help a person know their worth of their job. If your Salary is comparatively less, try to find out why is it so and how can you improve yourself to get to that level.

3. Update your skills and be an Expert: If an individual has good knowledge about his work and is an expert, anyone would appreciate you. Updating Your Skills would help yourself, your work and your skills. Have Knowledge about your line of work, so that you have an idea about trends and developments. You should take up training’s or certifications that could lead to a promotion.

4. Adapt yourself to new methods: When things change at work instead of loosing hope or getting grumpy, be the first to jump on board, be confident to take up challenges. Your determination and strength to learn new systems and ideas are the ones that your employer values you and could lead to a salary increase.

5. Improve your Communication Skills: An individual who has the confidence to speak, to do their work, who has a voice and speaks up for the right cause is always heard and is valued. Communication skills are very important in professional life and one should improve it as they help a person’s voice being heard and one’s potential is reflected in the way an individual communicates. This contributes to an increase in a person salary as well.

“Your Dedication and your will is the one thing which will help you Succeed.”

Salary Negotiation Process
Mistakes to Avoid in the Salary Negotiation Process

Receiving a selection call from a new employer is definitely something a candidate is looking forward to. The next step after the call is something which most of the candidates dread. Salary Negotiation is one of the important aspects of a candidate’s career ladder. Candidate must be fully aware of what he wants in return and confident enough to convey it to the person on the other side of the table.
Following are some mistakes a candidate should avoid while negotiating salary.
> Settling for less than what you deserve: Most of the candidates out of fear settle for less salary. They tend to accept what they are offered. They accept it happily, being completely unaware of the financial consequences in the long run. Salary raises and pension contribution are based on a certain percentage of one’s salary. Thus, accepting less amount of salary leads to few raises in the salary as well as small contribution. This can also hamper the potential earning as the employer asks for a salary history.
> Being impatient: Very often a candidate reveals what he will accept in the early stages of the interview. A candidate should always wait for the selection call and then pitch in his salary expectations. When a candidate is selected for a specific job he has the power to pitch in his salary expectations and ask for incentives, commissions, health insurances etc. Chances of being rejected are high when a candidate reveals his salary expectations in early stages.
> Putting your foot forward quickly: For a single position, there are hundreds of candidates who apply which results in the longer duration of the interview process. Even if the candidate gets selected for his dream job after weeks of waiting, he should review his salary structure with a cool mind. The candidate is usually given a time-frame, within which he has to convey his/her decision regarding the job to the recruiter. The candidate should make full use of the time-frame and plan his salary negotiation process strategically.
> Backing out without giving a second thought: Candidates decline a job offer, when offered salary does not meet his/her expectation. It may happen sometimes, that a company offers less salary but has a huge compensation package. The company provides the employee with various benefits such as full expense of health insurance, discounts on gym memberships, cellphone reimbursement etc. These perks/incentives can really add up to a real value. Therefore, the candidate should carefully review the salary structure before declining a job offer.
> Accepting the offer without a written letter: After deciding everything, it is necessary the candidate should ask for the offer in writing. Employers will have no issues giving the candidate a written offer letter. If the employer tries to talk you out of the written letter, take that as a red flag and think before going forward with the offer.