In this competitive world, finding a job is never easy. Your resume says a lot about you, it decides whether you must be called for the interview or not. It’s important that you make your resume looks perfect because it is rightly said: “First impression is the last Impression”. So the first impression of you comes from your resumes.

Here are some common mistakes which a person makes in his resumes.

1. Typing and Grammatical Errors

The Spelling and grammar need to be perfect, it seems very easy but it can destroy your impression. An employer can receive 100 of resumes, it’s possible that he will read glimpse of your resume. So if he saw any grammatical error or typing error, the impression will be this that person can’t even write properly so why to hire him. The simplest way to avoid this mistake is using MS Word while making resumes on Word you can check grammar and spelling mistakes.

2.Irrelevant Work Experiences

Yes, you may be the king of making milkshakes back in high school, but you can’t mention that once you are applying for a high post in a corporate firm. It may seem irrelevant to the Employers. You just include the Work Experience which you can show some additional skills to be the right person for that job.

3.Formatting of the Resume

Some people make their resume very decorative using different font styles, but it puts a wrong impression as an employer. The formatting must be similar in the whole resume that includes the font size and font style. Font style must be decent and while making a resume you have to highlight every heading with bold or underlines. Use Bullet Points wherever necessary it seems attractive and easy for an employer to read.

4.Including Personal Stuff

You are hired because of your skills and the value you will add to the company. Your age, Marital Status, Religious preference must not be included in resumes. An organization has to do nothing with your personal stuff.

5.Reasons of why you left the previous Organisation

Don’t include the reason for leaving unless you are asked to, It may seem little unfit to your resume. A resume is not the time or place to bring up transitions from one company to the next.

6.An objective

It’s necessary to put an objective on your resume. Employers like to read the objectives in the resume, that’s creating a positive impact on your resumes. The objective you are mentioning must not be specific. It must be short and simple. For example – A challenging level marketing position that allows me to contribute my skills and experience in fund-raising for non-profits.

These are few common mistakes one must avoid when making his resume. There are few more job-killing errors one must avoid. Please refer following example of a good resume for getting an idea for building a perfect resume.

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