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Team Management Services (TMS) is a Human Resource Consulting Services firm in India. In  addition, catering to Start-ups, Small & Medium Sized Businesses (SME’s), Indian Corporate’s as well as Multinational Firm’s (MNC’s). In addition, we help organisation right at the beginning in the inception phase to their growth phase and also to help them grow furthermore with our suite of offerings.

Primary Services


TMS is one of the highest rated Recruitment Service Provider in India. Everything including Campus Recruitment, Start-up Hiring, Sales Hiring to Retained Executive Search, TMS has it all.


TMS is a premium Contract Staffing and Contract Labour Provider for over 10 years providing Temp Staffing, Permanent Staffing and need based Staffing Solutions across India.


Pioneering Complete Human Resource Outsourcing, TMS has designed a service required for Start-ups, SME's as well as MNC organisations. As a result, we focus on HR and your organisation through our Onsite and also Offsite HR resources mix.


TMS provides Consulting and Advisory Services in the domains of Human Resource Management and also Human Capital. In addition, TMS has several Subject Matter Experts specialized in various domains of HR providing customized solutions to our clients.


TMS utilizes latest Cloud based Payroll Processing software complete with all Statutory Compliance Management for Payroll, Advanced Reporting and also many more features. Most noteworthy, it is developed using the latest cutting edge technology and also backed by our experienced team.

Team Management Services (TMS) has been a leading provider of HR Services for over 10 years. Most noteworthy, TMS HR Services are specifically design to meet the needs of different types of companies with varying domains.

Furthermore, at TMS the key focus has been on delivering Quality Services. As a result, to ensure through rigorous training of TMS employees, in addition use of latest Technologies wherever possible and also keeping abreast on the changes in Human Resource Trends, Laws, etc. Most of all through various Learning and also Development sessions sort through Industry Stalwarts and Experts.

TMS is devoted to providing effective policies, procedures, people-friendly guidelines and also support within companies.

In addition, the human resource function serves –

  • Company mission
  • Vision 
  • Values or Guiding Principles
  • The company Metrics and also the factors that keep the company guided toward success are optimised.



TMS Audit Services such as HR Audits, Labour Audits, Vendor Compliance Audits, Statutory Compliance Audits, etc. help you locate gaps in your HR Processes and close the same.

HR Administrative Outsourcing

Looking to outsource Administrative tasks of your HR department such as background verification, on-boarding, employee document collection and also verification, etc. TMS has a solution for the same.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

TMS RPO provides Long-term and short-term Project basis outsourcing of your Talent Acquisition (Recruitment) Process as well as Induction and also On-boarding of the new employees.

Employee Record Management

Looking for a way to digitize and also to manage Employee Records, we have the perfect solution for the same. Furthermore, document Scanning and processing to Document Management Systems, TMS has it all.

Legal Advisory Services (HR & Labour)

Our team of Legal Experts can provide Legal Advisory Services for Human Resource related issues as well as for Employee and also Labour Related Matters. In addition, our Legal Experts can also provide advice as well as Support litigation.

Background Reference Check

TMS provides Background Reference Check Services. As a result, the trained TMS resources perform Background Verification calls to ex-employers, colleagues and also references which candidates provide during the interview process.

Exit Interview Outsourcing

Looking for a better way to manage your Exit Interviews and also reduce attrition rate, our customised Exit Interview Outsourcing solutions cater to your needs perfectly. Therefore, an exit kit is designed and also implemented for the exit process.

Statutory Compliance & Liasioning

TMS offers complete Statutory Compliance Management for Payroll such as Provident Fund (EPF), ESIC, Professional Tax (PT), Labour Welfare Fund (LWF), etc. as per the State and also Central Labour Acts of India.

Occupational Health Centre (OHC) Management

Occupational Health Centre (OHC) Management TMS provides Trained Industry Doctors and specialist medical staff for starting and running the Occupational Health Centre at your Factory Premises.

To know more about the services provided by TMS, click here or Call: (022) 2590 3908 or email us at info@tmservices.co.in

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