Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), are a list of questions & answers which candidates probably ask for a particular topic. In addition, the format is commonly in use on email mailing lists and other online forms, where candidates can clear their doubts.

Consequently, questions of general nature are covered under FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). Hence, It is advisable for candidates to read this section before writing to this Board for the information. Procedure for selection either enrollment may change from time to time due to change in policy.

Any candidate can apply to get hired, either the candidate is :

  1. Skilled.
  2. Semi–skilled.
  3. Unskilled.

No, the candidate does not have to pay any fees. TMS fees are paid by the company that hires you.

You don’t have to pay anything to TMS. Hence, your new employer will be paying for.

Yes, recruitment is a high pressure sector in which competition is fierce. TMS consultants are knowledgeable about a job sector and also specific requirements.

TMS has standard training programs for their consultants to be well versed in their job. Finally, to get candidates the best opportunity to find the right employment.

No, TMS consultants don’t believe or participate in unethical ways. They assess an individual during an interview or by reading  your CV. They will assess your personal or professional history.

TMS has a team of most noteworthy honest consultants who are confident enough to make you understand the job profile. Furthermore, we set initial description to who could be your next employer.

TMS consultants are working for the candidate’s best interest at all times. TMS consultants always strive to meet most of all your career wishes. Therefore, we want to guide you towards the best job requirements.

First of all, TMS consultants are very professional in their action. Therefore, we believe in asking especially relevant questions to gather information of candidates. As a result, to get “Right candidate for the Right job”.

Since, we don’t believe or participate in any unethical ways where you are asked for the name the companies you have sent your CV to, etc.

Yes, we at TMS don’t send job applicants to the interview they aren’t ready or eligible for. For job applicants, being sent to an interview for an ill-fitting role is very stressful. Hence, poor use of one’s time.

As a career professional, TMS consultants take the time to really get to know you, your experience, and your aspirations. Therefore, this is the only method to generate successful employment solutions.

Yes, mostly the same TMS consultant will assist you. Furthermore, if the consultant is unavailable due to health or other reasons then, TMS will provide you other consultants for your help.

TMS believes in building personal relationships with the clients and also, with job seekers. At TMS, making genuine connections is one of our guiding principles and you’ll always work with the same team member.

  • Yes, at TMS, we pre-screen applicants. Mostly the screening  will be done via telephone. We often outsource all or part of these evaluations to private third-party organisations who are especially relevant in background screening.
  • Pre-Employment screening is designed to verify especially relevant information supplied by candidates on their resumes and applications.
  • In addition, screening is also done to determine if employees can be trusted to manage financial resources, protect sensitive and confidential information.
Recruiting is the heart of TMS,

We take pride in our recruitment process as it is organized to ensure a high level of delivery, being flexible enough in reacting well as per changing candidate needs. In addition,We have a regular check point for every consultant as they are supported and counseled for any help they might need to do their job better.

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