Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for clients or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are especially relevant list of questions and answers consequently. Hence all supposed to be commonly asked in some context and also, pertaining to a particular topic.

Working with our clients

Each client has unique needs based on their corporate culture, management style, objectives and skill requirements.Most noteworthy at TMS, we believe it is necessary and also crucial that these needs are thoroughly evaluated prior to embarking on any process.

We employ an approach which allows us to gain a strong understanding most noteworthy of these needs and yet move swiftly, hence to find the best candidates for the role. In addition, at all major points during the search, TMS uses the utmost discretion with  clients as well as candidates.

Talent Acquisition Services

TMS Virtual HRO

Payroll Outsourcing

Staffing Solutions

HR Consulting & Advisory Services

Other Services

Along with the five main services, TMS also offers the following:

  • Other services like Campus Recruitment,
  • In-Person assessment,
  • RPO, Retained Executive Search,
  • Talent Sourcing service,
  • Walk-in interviews,
  • Background reference check,
  • Employee Record Management, Exit process outsourcing,
  • HR administrative outsourcing,
  • OHC management,
  • Audit, Soft skill training,
  • Statutory compliance & Liasoning.
  • TMS services are flexible enough to support your future HR Strategy,
  • Whether the focus is on improving workforce productivity or developing new talent.
  • Team Management Services, is a dynamic team which is not only talented and capable but also extremely dedicated. Most of all, our focus is delivering high quality services to our clients. Furthermore, we at TMS value all our teammates, from youngest member who has recently joined to the oldest Partner. TMS  also believes that anyone, irrespective of age or experience, may possess the ability and capability to deliver.
  • TMS team is a group of mix professional backgrounds viz. Hospitality sector, IT sector, Core HR professionals, etc.
  • TMS is in business from 2006 as Talent Acquisition Service provider.
  • We have evolved and prospered to more services, in addition to bring End-to-end HR outsourcing services under one roof.
  • TMS official working hours are from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm, while our urge for serving clients keep our TMS representative to be available on phone, email, etc whenever there is crucial requirement for assistance.
  • When TMS works on any Assignments for our clients, be it in Talent Acquisition or HR Consulting or Staffing Solutions or any of the other numerous services that we provide, we don’t simply work with the clients, yet most noteworthy we form a formidable team with the client and us which focuses on delivering the objectives & the goals of our clients to the best possible extent.
  • This is what sets TMS apart and why our Clients keep coming back to us again and again, every time they need any assistance.

The typical term of agreement is one year, and it could also differ depending upon the terms of agreement between different companies and contracts.

TMS’s Cancellation/Termination Policy is as follows:

1. Any party may terminate the Agreement on giving not less than one calendar month notice in writing to the other party.

2. Furthermore, the notice shall contain detailed reasons for termination of the Agreement.

3. On receipt of notice of the other party therefore, said other party has right to reply the notice in writing with suitable explanation within one week from the date of receipt of the notice and will have right of meeting to sort out disputed issues mutually.

4. If despite of meeting between the parties, the disputed issues are not resolved. Hence, this Agreement will be terminated within one month from the date of the said meeting.

  • Most noteworthy, TMS is a permanent staffing and placement agency and also a temporary agency. Both fields are well served with excellent personnel that specialize in these areas. In addition, what we do is called recruitment process outsourcing, where we at TMS are your helping hand.
  • Our business practice is to ensure that we promote the employer’s opening to a wide range of potential candidates. As a result, to attract individuals who are specifically qualified for the employer’s positions.
  • In addition, we offer other HR services to assist employers with the actual employee management function, while many placement agencies specialize only in the employee recruitment function.
  • Most noteworthy, TMS has replacement policy in the Talent Acquisition only.
  • Hence, if any selected candidate quits the company within a period of 3 months from the date of joining, TMS will initiate the process of providing a free replacement within a period of 90 days from the date of written intimation.
  • No Refund or replacement shall be provided if the company recruits a replacement from any other source other than the service provided for any reason whatsoever.
  • The replacement policy is free for the company if the candidate leaves within 3 months.
  • There will be no refund on payment done in the replacement policy at TMS.

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