What does a recruiter want in his candidate? He/she wants the candidate to have a good job profile, to be confident and educated. Recruiters look for the right candidate to do the right job.

If you are a candidate who has just finished graduation or a post graduate degree, recruiters would see you as fresh talent who are searching for new jobs. But, if you are a person who has finished his/her education and has not done anything for an ample period of time recruiters do wonder what the reason is. There may be several reasons such as to take a break for further education, for a holiday purpose, a world tour, due to a health issues or some personal reasons etc. This is definitely a concern for the recruiters because they want to provide their clients the best candidates. Recruiters definitely take into consideration the period of time the candidate has worked in his career.

At times the unemployed candidate expects too much, they want a very high salary for their position compared to other candidates who may work for the same position, because they feel that they possess the capability to do much more. Candidates miss out on the opportunities provided by recruiters because of their higher expectations. Hence, they do not agree to the recruiters, due to which the recruiters get frustrated at times. Hence, if the candidate grabs the right opportunity and does not wait too long he will be successful if he works hard.

Candidates are looked at differently than a currently employed candidate by recruiters because they expect the candidate to be well versed with their job and the corporate world. Whereas on the other hand one has to keep in mind that experience is important. An unemployed employee won’t be considered for a job opening because the company may want an experienced person for the position. An unemployed candidate may have to be taught everything from scratch and this would take time for the company which they won’t like to spend on.

A currently employed candidate possesses the skills and the experience needed. Hence any candidate has to keep in mind to avoid being idle and to do something or the other because the time that is wasted will never come back and one should always value time and use it wisely. Doing any internship, a degree or a course or helping in an NGO (Non-Profit Organization) could be done by a candidate if he does not want to start his career right after his education is completed.

No matter what you do in life do not waste your time, learn something because you can never stop learning, your will and your dedication will drive you to success.