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TMS Virtual HRO introduces the revolutionary concept of Outsourced HR Department. It is made to deliver results as per organisation’s requirements and size. In addition, we also provide our Cloud Based HRIMS system along with Virtual HRO Professionals.

Furthermore, they work offsite to manage your entire HR Department from:

  • Payroll to Attendance
  • HR Letters to Policies
  • Employee Appraisals to Engagement and much more.

The combination of HR technology with expert services of HR professionals in Virtual HRO, also helps organisations to design HR processes. Most of all, Virtual HRO becomes your reliable HR partner whom you could turn to for advice, support and also strategy. It also comes to any Human Resource needs for your organisation.


  • Guaranteed Quality – TMS ensures highly trained and also expert HR professionals. In addition, Virtual HRO ensures to deliver High Quality Services.
  • High Performance – We ensure high performance delivery with a proper mix of technology, knowledge and service.
  • Increase in Productivity– With application of various Virtual HRO services you will experience amazing amount of productivity increase.
  • Problem Free– Be worry free and see your company grow with the help of right Human Resource Partner-Virtual HRO.
  • High Savings– Virtual HRO saves your money on Payroll, Attendance, Compliance and also other areas of human resources.

Services of Virtual HRO

Organisational Structure Desigining

TMS VIRTUAL HRO after thorough analysis of your firm will design an organisation structure. That not only works for your organisation today, but also well into future. In addition, it also creates KRA's & KPI's for each individuals role from the organisations structure to clearly defined expectations and deliverable's.

Salary Restructuring

We at TMS help create a standard salary structure for your organisation that is compliant to the applicable labour laws. In addition, conforming to the requirements of the organisations and its employees to revise the same ever 6 months as the company grows.

Dedicated HR Advice

Our services ensure that the Senior HR Experts are available for advice and also consulting purposes to all clients via the engagement partner for any HR, IR or Employee related Matters.

HR Policies and HR Documents

We at TMS VIRTUAL HRO design and implement the best HR and IR policies and practices in your organisation.In addition we also design and implement HR documents such as offer letter, appointment letter, warning letters,etc. As a result, to ensure smooth running of organisation.

Recruitment Branding on Social Media

TMS VIRTUAL HRO will create & manage the social media presence of the organisation on LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter from recruitment perspective. In order to engage new talent, increase awareness regarding organisation and its activities. Furthermore, which will therefore help in attracting future talent.

Statutory Compliance

TMS VIRTUAL HRO will help you attain 100% compliance on the applicable labour laws for your organisation, including but not limited to PF (Providend Fund), ESIC (Employee State Insurance Corporations), PT (Professional Tax), LWF (Labour Welfare Fund), Bonus,etc.

Employee Appraisal Process

TMS VIRTUAL HRO will develop and implement a goal setting and appraisal process for all the employees in the organisation which will be driven with performance and will be linked to the organisation's growth, visions and goals.

Employee Management

TMS VIRTUAL HRO will develop a training calendar for various levels of employees which will help in constant improvement of the talent while also identifying new opportunities for employee engagement and assist in the implementation of the same such as birthday, work anniversary,etc.

Induction and Exit process

TMS VIRTUAL HRO will design and also implement a customized induction kit for all new joiners. Most of all, which will help them during the induction process. Similarly, an exit kit will be also designed and implemented to standardise the exit process. As a result, to collect all the valuable information from existing employees.

Leave & Attendance Management

TMS VIRTUAL HRO will implement and monitor the policies regarding: Leave Time and Attendance Modify the leave approvals to be done through a system of checks to avoid misuse of the same.

Employee Files & Database

TMS VIRTUAL HRO will help in collecting all relevant files from your employees as necessary and also help in digitisation. Especially relevant, for easy access and ensures that the files are maintained for a longer duration in easily accessible.

Employee Helpdesk

The Cloud Based Payroll & HRIMS Software offered by TMS allows the creation of a help desk. Furthermore, which can be configured for the entire organisation. In addition, where each employee can raise a ticket for issues. Rather, not just relating to HR department but also for accounts department IT department,etc.

Payroll Management

We will manage your payroll through our cloud based payroll software which has features like: employee self service leave management expense reimbursement income tax and much more to ensure error free payroll.

HR Administration

Our team will ensure that your day-to-day HR administration is streamlined and completely managed with professionals. In order to reduce work load on the owners/senior members of the organisation.

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