Payroll Outsourcing

Businesses may hire external firm to handle all Payroll functions. Payroll functions are to save time and money in addition to reducing need for in-house trained Payroll staff. It also includes maintaining and purchasing appropriate software packages. Payroll outsourcing is cost-effective depending on the complexity of the organisation’s Payroll requirements.The service level of Payroll outsourcing varies because some suppliers provide a core service while others will also deal with everything involved.

TMS has capability to provide consistent Payroll Outsourcing services for organisations of employee strength ranging upto 5000+. The organisations can outsource their payroll to us and effectively expand their free resources for more productive purposes. Our SME’s have over 30 years experience with MNC’s as a result we have managed Payroll of 30000+ employees Pan-India basis. This Services help organizations to reduce cost of Payroll Management, increase efficiency and effectively manage employee queries without deploying dedicated resources.

Benefits of TMS Payroll Outsourcing:

  • Cost savings for the company on outsourcing Payroll processing are extremely important and can go up to 50%. Productivity is improved, because service quality provided is excellent and this frees the company from non-income generating tasks.
  • We also have Latest Cloud Based Payroll Software with multiple models to suit every organisation’s needs.
  • Experience in handling Complex payroll processing for multiple clients.

TMS offers Payroll outsourcing services as it is developed using latest cutting edge technology . In addition, TMS’s Payroll Outsourcing services have SaaS based cloud Payroll Software with zero maintenance costs to the clients.


Core HR & Payroll

Leave Management

Integration with RFID & Biometric devices

Statutory Compliance Management

Employee Self Service

Letters & Documents Management

Attendance Management

Expense Claim & Reimbursements

Payroll Software

TMS Payroll Software covers all aspects of payroll management leading to less work and peace of mind. You can now ensure 100% accuracy, huge time savings, and highly satisfied employees.
Excel import facility and mass data update keep manual data entry to a minimum and speeds up work.
TMS Software Payroll module provides:
• Comprehensive coverage of every single aspect of payroll management including statutory compliance.
• Accurate and super fast Payroll processing. Easy to learn, easy to use.
• Powerful reconciliation tools & reports to audit and review before Payroll release
• Ready to print payslips, reports, statements, etc.

TMS Software helps you meet your needs of statutory compliance in HR

• Powerful tools to automate statutory computation and reporting work
• We keep you updated with statutory news about the changes that occur ever so frequently
• We guide and assist you in rolling out the changes
• We continuously keep the software updated with up to the minute changes so that you are not caught unaware

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