As an intern, have you ever thought of grabbing the opportunity of being a full-time employee from an internship? It seems difficult to most of the candidates or interns, but is not impossible either. In fact, employers nowadays conduct internship hiring program mostly to check whether the interns are capable enough to be a full time employee in their organisation. This helps the employer to search for a potential employee rather than doing all the recruitment process which may then be costly. This can be an opportunity for many interns who think to get salary instead of stipend and for interns who gain experience, whereas a full-time employee is more specific in their career field of interest. Here are some tips to upgrade yourself from an intern to a full-time employee.

1. Create a Good Impression

The very first way to achieve the goal is to create a good impression in the organisation i.e. with your colleague, superiors and also with clerks; basically you should be good with every employee of the organisation. Also you should take time to know about the culture of the organisation and get use to it as early as you can, when you are an intern. This will result in impressing other workers in the organisation.

2. Establish a Strong work ethic

You should develop a strong work ethic. Meaning, you should be focused to achieve the targets set by the employer. You should be always punctual enough. Also, try to achieve more than what your employer is expecting from you. Basically make sure to try to impress as well as convince your employer that you can be the right person to hire as a full-time employee in their organization.

3. Develop a Strong Relation

As an intern, there will be a phase when you do things which you have not done before. But do not get afraid, instead give it a try. Also make sure you build a strong relation with the other people in the organization mostly your superiors. You never know this can help you to upgrade from an intern to a full-time employee.

4. Be more Responsible

When you have been given a task, first try to be more responsible towards it; also make sure that you complete your work before hand. After finishing the assigned work ask for task expected in the future. Don’t be afraid to ask any of the superior about your performance in the past, also the changes they want in you in any ways which can improve your performance.

5. Appreciate it

As an intern you should appreciate your employer before leaving the job. This can be done by giving the feedback of how much you liked the culture. Besides you can also inquire of when to expect the job openings in future. Try to be in contact with your superior after you leave your job.