Team Management Services, as it stands today, is made of a very young and dynamic team which is not only highly talented and capable but also extremely dedicated and focused towards delivering high quality services to our clients. At TMS we value all our teammates, even from youngest member who has recently joined to the oldest Partner as we believe that anyone, irrespective of age or experience, may possess the ability and capability to deliver more than that is expected, which will be beneficial to our clients and in turn to us.

When TMS works on any assignments for our clients, be it in Talent Acquisition or HR Consulting or Staffing Solutions or any of the other services that we provide, we don’t simply work with the clients, we form a formidable team together which is focused on delivering the objectives & the goals of our clients to the best possible extent. This is what sets TMS apart and why our Clients keep coming back to us again and again, everytime they need any assistance.


TMS Advantages

  • Team of Accomplished & Established HR Professionals & SMEs with cumulative expertise over 300+ man-years.
  • Established track record of working with Local, Multinational & Govt. Organizations.
  • To create value & make a difference to our clients & TMS team.
  • Ability to Capture client’s mindshare.
  • Focus on innovation & cost competitiveness.
  • Intimate domain knowledge and expertise.
  • End-to-end HR services under one roof.

Reasons for Success



Professionalism runs deep into the veins of each TMS employee

Succesful Team

The TEAM of TMS is what makes it such a successful organization


Our clients rely on us to deliver on our promises


We are dedicated to achieve our goals


TMS has earned the trust of a long list of marquee clients across various industries.