Recruitment Services

The term Talent Acquisition is often misunderstood as a recruitment service, but it is necessary to explain the misconception the recruitment is a part of Talent Acquisition. It is a process done by HR Department of Tracking, recruiting, interviewing candidates, and on-boarding them with proper training. Talent Acquisition (or TA) teams are generally responsible for finding, attaining, evaluating and recruiting candidates for open job positions. Appointing a TA team is essential for organisations to handle the important element of searching and hiring the right talent for companies’ future success. For the Stability of Business in the competitive market, company need to have the right employee which can help business survive with good productivity, motivated staff and better decision making.

Moreover, Talent Acquisition is progressive. It is not just hiring a candidate to fill open job position, but considering the employees potential career path within the organisation. TA team ensures the organisation to hire employee who have a potential to uplift companies value in the market and someday become managers or top-level managers within the company which can be long-term strategic plan. Everything has a way or process to be followed for a better outcome, let’s checkout 6 steps incorporated for Talent Acquisition:

  1. Generating Awareness

Social networks, Events, Conferences, Online forums, and communities’ helps you network & build relationships to make your talent needs widely known. This will generate a large amount of encouraging candidates, and pipeline of possible hires.

  • Recruiting and Attracting candidates

To attract people and show your presence in the market, you first need to have a strong brand presence. It is a key component to create interest among jobseekers and retain existing client by giving possible benefits.

  • Interview and Assessment

Company wants to know about candidate’s experiences & past background to assure themselves that they are hiring the right candidate. But interviewer should be careful while framing and asking question to candidates. So, top 3 or 4 Question should be such that you can get to evaluate about their outstanding and key performance. Employee’s assessment including an IQ, EQ, personality test. Any test is acceptable but shouldn’t contain discrimination contents rather relevant to the scope of work. Assessment such as Group discussion, Giving case studies, etc. will help you to understand the behaviour & thought of a candidate and will be easy for making final decisions.

  • Analysing references

Having an Intuition that you have got the right candidate is front of you is good but you can’t rely only on intuition for a company to work. After a positive interview with candidates and having a final list of eligible candidates, it is necessary to know more about the background with the help reference. If the reference agrees that the candidate has good character and competency to work in the company then it is easy for you to take the final decision.

  • Final Candidate Selection

If you rate the candidates while conducting the above processes it is easier to segregate & select the best candidate. The above process helps you keep a clear picture, get to know deep information about the applicant and is easier for selection.

  • Hiring and On-boarding

For a perfect candidate hiring you have to leave it in the hands of Professionals i.e. Talent Acquisition Team and these experts will help you save time and money. On the other hand a successful Onboarding process can lead to better relationship with the new employee and positive word of mouth of company.

Now you know what impact can Talent Acquisition make for your company, how much it is essential for an organisation to go through the process for a perfect team. So what are you waiting for connect with us and get your perfect employee with the help of our Experts.